GOP Sponsored Healthcare Town hall Meeting Ends in Violent Bloody Riot

(Davis, Alabama) Ucs News: As the national healthcare debate intensifies tempers flare on both sides. As Republican Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama held a town-hall meeting to explain his support of insurance companies, drug companies and a system that has failed millions, the unruly crowd turned to violence.

According to witnesses Sessions was shouted down by an uninsured Hispanic farm worker. In response Sessions called for the crowd to “Beat some sense into that guy.” Following Sessions suggestion insults became pushing and punching. The uninsured farm worker was them clubbed down by insurance company lobbyists and drug companies sales reps.

“It was a bloody scene.” said Sessions. “I hope people will get the message, we want the current system to continue and we will fight to make sure stays that way.”

The injured farm worker was taken to a local hospital and denied coverage, after 4 hours in an ambulance he was pushed out in front of a free clinic. However the clinic had just been closed due to state budget cuts.