GOPTV Announces New Program

GOPTV has announced it’s new series, “Pedro’s Plight” a story of love and immigration in a Red State World. Below are scenes from the new show:

Episode One: Scene- a hovel somewhere in Mexico. Pedro enters to find his young wife Mari crying on the bed.
Pedro: “Mari, my love! What’s wrong?”
Mari (sobbing): “Oh Pedro, I’m pregnant!”
Pedro: “Madre Mio! I will be a father! What a wonderful day!”
Mari (shaking her head): “No, Pedro! This is bad. We have no money! You have no job! How will we feed our child? How will we take care of him?”
Pedro: “Oh Mari my love, don’t cry! President Bush spoke on the radio tonight from the USA. He says I can apply to be a guest worker there and make all the money we need!”
Mari (wiping her tears): “Then we are saved! When can you go? Will you be back before the baby arrives?”
Pedro: “I can leave as soon as I learn English, find an employer to sponsor me, pass the criminal background check, apply for the program, then get a bio-metric ID card. It should take no more than five or ten years.”
Mari: ” That is wonderful! If she lives long enough, we can send her to a good high school. Start walking husband, we need the cash now.”

Episode Two: Scene- A National Guard Unit in Fallujah, Iraq. A Major enters the enlisted men’s barracks.
Major: “Okay, troops, listen up! President Bush made a speech tonight back in the States. He’s calling for 6,000 Guard Troops to perform non-military support for the Border Patrol. He