Gore Admits He Had Erection During Massage

Former Vice President Al Gore admitted today that he did achieve an erection while being massaged by a Portland, Oregon Masseuse in 2006 though he said he “didn’t do anything with it”.

“I admit I was sexually stimulated while she was caressing my chest and shoulders”, Gore stated. “Though I just stuck it out like a man and didn’t touch her!”

Gore also insisted that she didn’t touch his erection and there was nothing mentioned about the incident between either party after the massage ended.

“She was a professional”, Gore continued. “I understood that and so did she. I’m sure she’s accustomed to men getting erections while she is massaging them. When you’re naked and alone with a woman and she’s rubbing her hands all over your body it’s only natural to get a stiffy. You have to take care of that yourself later”.

Of 3,249 businessman interviewed who had received massages from female masseuses, 98% admitted that they also get erections while being massaged by a person of the opposite sex. The other 2% were gay.

The masseuse offered to sell her story about Gore touching her to the National Enquirer for $1 million dollars but the Enquirer turned her down.

“We don’t want to dish out a million bucks to hear a story of some guy getting a woody during a massage!” said a National Enquirer spokesperson.