Government Printing Office Runs Out of Red Ink While Printing 2005 Budget!

Unconfirmed sources report that the U.S. Government Printing Office has had to delay the printing of the Presidents new 2005 budget. The presses were stopped during the run late Saturday night when they ran out of red ink. Officials at the printing office are scrambling to find more red ink to finish printing the 2005 budget in time for the President to present it to congress on Monday.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Bruce R. James CEO of the U.S. Government Printing Office. “We were about a third of the way done with the run when one of my pressmen informed me that we were going to run out of red ink. We double checked our supply or red ink and then had a look at the budget itself. Sure enough, with the massive deficits in the budget, printing it was using up all the red ink. I got on the phone and we’ve got a tanker or red ink coming Sunday.

With the new red ink on the way we have been assured that the budget will be ready for congress come Monday morning. Critics of the Government Printing Office think the situation could have been avoided had proper planning been exercised.

“They should have seen this coming,” said John Hughes of The National Printers Forum, a Washington based printing think-tank. “After one look at the 2005 budget Bruce James should have ordered extra red ink. With a $427 billion deficit, half the text in the budget is in red ink. Not seeing the problems this kind of deficit is causing is a real shortcoming of the current administration.”

Red Ink supplier Ink Corp. president Harry Johnson is looking forward to the next few years in Washington. “We have an exclusive contract to supply red ink to the Federal Government and as good as business has been in the last few years we are looking at big increases in the near future. The deficit is only going to get bigger and that means more red ink and more business for Ink Corp. With out of control spending by the Republicans and a war mongering President who never said no to a tax cut, this country is going to be needing lots of red ink.”