Grandkids Agree to Pay For Katrina Reconstruction

Unconfirmed sources report that the White House has brokered a landmark inter-generational agreement to pay for Katrina reconstruction. Under the agreement the next generation of grandchildren has agreed to pay the entire reconstruction bill for the Gulf Coast. The scale and complexity of the agreement is truly breathtaking. The next generation of Americans has really come though; all of America should be proud.

“History has been made today.” said White House spokesmen Ben Lion. “President George W. Bush has signed an agreement with the FGOA(Future Grandkids Of America) wherein FGOA will pay every penny of the estimated $300 billion it will take to repair the damage left by Katrina. I’m proud to be an American today, and I think you should be too.”

FGOA is an umbrella group that represents the interests of all future Americans. While it pays special attention to the political interests of unborn Americans it has become the voice of younger Americans, under 2 years of age, that are not fully represented in our current political system. FGOA is a very active and powerful political force that has many regional offices and large lobbying presence in Washington D.C.

FGOA spokesman Kenneth Greenwald spoke to reporters and described the deal FGOA has reached with the President and conveyed the wishes of it members to the current generation of Americans.

“I just have to say to all Americans that FGOA members are proud to shoulder the burdens tomorrow that face the country today. Our members, the million of unborn and infant Americans, have graciously agreed to provide the funds to reconstruct the Gulf Coast after the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina