Griff Jenkins' Mother to Address Republican National Convention

ST. PAUL, Minnesota (Ucs News) — The tearful Isabella Jenkins delivered a powerful speech to the Republican National Convention today. The mother of the slain Fox news reporter Griff Jenkins took the stage with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Holding the hand of Gov. Palin, Mrs. Jenkins told the gathering of her sons “patriotic sacrifice”.

The 45 minute message was the nights highlight. Isabella Jenkins said Tuesday night that only Republican Sen. John McCain has “shown the courage and capability to rise above shattered wreckage of the Bush administration.”

According to Isabella Jenkins, her son Griff believed with his “heart of hearts” that McCain “was the best former POW and Navy pilot to lead the country forward into the wing nut oblivion.”

“God only made one Griff Jenkins, and he was the man to lead America’s media forward,” Sarah Palin said to cheers at the Republican National Convention. She announced her support for a 15 million dollar national monument dedicated the brave Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins “that so selflessly gave up his life when he waded into a mob of peaceful demonstrators.”

Like other speakers Tuesday night, Sarah Palin emphasized Griff Jenkins’ service as a Fox News Reporter and right wing media tool.