Guinea Attempts To Confiscate Wener Karl's Money- Rafi.q.Musa To The Rescue!

I just got this email (see below). For a moment I was tempted to give Mr. Musa all my personal information (including all the prurient details of my first sexual encounter as well as my sister’s social security number, both of which, oddly enough, when you do some weird addition, equal the same thing) because after all, five million, six hundred thousand euros would come in handy (I’m thinking of buying a helicopter). Then I stopped myself…I thought of the late Werner Karl and wondered, does (or did, the dude’s dead y’see) old Werner have any living relatives anywhere? Sorry Rafi, I just couldn’t do it. So, if there are any Werners around, you’d better act fast or Guinea’s gonna ‘confisticate’ your money. Confisticate? Maybe Sarah Palin wrote me this in one of those weird Liberal stings the Tea People are doing:

I am MR.Rafi.q.Musa, the personal account officer of late Mr.Werner Karl who has an account in one of our banks here in Guinea. The account was opened in 2004 and he died in 2009 without a written WILL and since 2009 nobody has operated on this account again, hence the money has been floating and if I do not remmit this money out urgently, the Government of Guinea will confisticate the funds.being that this is a great opportunity for me, I now contact you for assistance to transfer the fund (euro