Gun finally pulled from Charlton Heston's cold dead hands

(USA : California) Ucs News– Gun control advocates honored the passing of legendary actor and chief gun nut. In a ceremony held at the grave site of school shooting victim, the gathered advocates praised Heston’s abilities as an actor, hailed his Alzheimer’s work and dammed him for his successful tenure as the NRA president.

While Heston was generally well liked and respected reputation was damaged when he became the president of the National Rifle Association (NRA). As NRA chief he was filmed at various NRA rallies holding a gun aloft and uttering the NRA’s catchphrase ‘From My Cold Dead Hands’.
With Heston finally resting in peace, friends and foes alike are taking time to honor the man, who all agree ,lived a larger than life…life.

Michael Moore, the film maker who famously skewered Heston, took time to honor the legend. “Whatever his views on guns, or anything else for that matter, Heston was a true great of the modern cinema and had a long, and hugely successful, career in front of the lens.” stated Moore.

Charlton Heston’s career as an actor and gun nut will be remembered by many. As an actor, he was a legend; as a gun nut, we loved to hate him. Gun control advocates closed their solemn remembrance by saying “Sorry Charlton, it’s time to pull the gun from your cold dead hands.”