Hackers Steal Santa's Naughty and Nice List!

(North Pole) Law enforcement officials at the North Pole are reporting that a group of hackers has apparently managed to steal portions of Santa’s Naughty and Nice List. Sources close to the case indicate that the theft could be the largest cyber crime in history with the personal information of hundreds of millions of people at risk worldwide. Santa’s helpers are consulting with security experts and law enforcement officials to determine the true scope of this crime.

The data theft was discovered midway through the second check of the Naughty and Nice List and was instantly reported to Santa. Santa then checked the server logs and determined that indeed security at his workshop server farm had been breached. He then called the FBI and is now preparing to notify the effected people about the data theft.

The theft of the data is even more embarrassing for Santa as recent reports by www.out-law.com indicated that Santa’s data retention and privacy policies were not up to modern standards.

“I can’t say I’m surprised,” says data expert Euripides Upman. “When you have this much data just floating around somebody is going to come and steal it. It saddens me that after all the warnings given to Santa about his policies he didn’t fix the situation. I think this disaster should prompt many in industry to look at their own data security and retention policies.”

While Santa’s helpers are not trying to down play the seriousness of data theft they did indicate that only the data pertaining to the naughty girls was compromised.