Halo 2 Trooper's Xbox 360 Elite No Match for World of War Craft Fighters as Battle for Second Lif…

Unconfirmed sources report that thousands of the Horde races from World of War Craft have joined the battle for Second Life. Early this morning a massive number of Orcs Trolls and Tauren launched a counter attack against Halo 2 troops occupying Second Life. The two pronged attack was launched from Kalimdor and hit Halo 2 forces in Second Life as well as the Halo 2 base Ascension. Initial reports indicate that World of War Craft forces have dealt a serious blow to the Halo 2 troopers.

The Horde of War Crafters came over the network breach at about 6 am eastern, catching many Halo 2 troops tired and sleepy after a long night of fighting in the unsecured areas of Second Life. The Halo 2’ers lead by tournament champion Runningboy detected the breach and rushed to defend it in vain. The Hordes over whelmed the nearby troops and managed to hold and then enlarge the breach.

At the same time another War Craft force attacked the Halo 2 base Ascension and quickly establish another network breach. Ascension was lightly defended by a group of rookies and fell within minutes. From this position War Crafters have launched dozens of raids into the Xbox Live network operated by Microsoft.

The appearance of Halo 2 units equipped with the new Xbox Elite were expected to put up a fight, but there is apparently too few of them in field to hold back the onslaught of World of War Craft forces.

With two gaming worlds fully engaged in all out war it is only a matter of time before the fighting spreads network wide. Many experts wonder if the network itself can survive such a war.

“This is massive escalation of the conflict.” Says EGM editor-in-chief Ed Semrad. “I was concerned over the aggressive actions of the Halo 2 troopers, but 2000 undefended Second Life servers was too big a prize for the Halo 2’ers to pass up. While I didn’t like it I could understand it. This attack by World of War Craft fighters just shows how unstable the entire internet has been all along. I’m saddened that the gaming worlds just can’t get along, truly saddened. This type of conflict is bad for the web and fear for it integrity.”

There is no end in sight to this conflict and a great concern the violence could spread to other gaming worlds. There is evidence that forces are already massing in Everquest, World War II Online: Battleground Europe and Ultima Online.