Halo 3's Master Chief Vows to 'Finish the Fight' in Iraq

President Bush is sending Master Chief to Iraq. The President announced the news today at the White House during a ceremony in the rose garden. Standing side by side with the fiercest fighter the world has ever known, the President charged Master Chief with the most difficult task of his long and violent career. Mast Chief has been put in charge of all US Forces in Iraq.

“I’m ready to finish the fight in Iraq,” says Master Chief. “Our guys have been having a tough time of it lately and I’m just glad I can lend a hand. The forces of The Covenant were formidable foes, so I believe I am ready for anything the Iraqi insurgents can throw at me.”

This move by the President has apparently quieted calls for an immediate pull out as it signals a real commitment to winning the fight.

“I have to say, I’ve been against this misadventure, but with Master Chief leading from the front and taking charge I believe victory is possible.” Says Democratic Leader of the House Harry Reid. “With Master Chief’s proven track record of killing everything in sight and his outstanding leadership the War in Iraq is finally on track.”

After the announcement, Master Chief departed the White House and headed straight for Iraq. He said as soon as he got in country he would start killing “many, many, many people.”