Harry Potter Stars Pose Nude

London, England (O! Online) – Actors Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson who play Harry Potter and Hermione Granger in the movie adaptation of author JK Rowling’s eminently popular children’s book series have stunned fans and parents alike by apparently posing in a tasteful nude photo spread. Radcliffe had done so in order to promote his upcoming appearance in an onstage production of Equus. Watson apparently joined him in the photo spread as a show of support, although she does not appear in the production.

Other members of the cast of the phenomenally popular Harry Potter movie series have expressed their support for Radcliffe, and are said to be considering nude photo spreads as well. Maggie Smith and Alan Rickman who play professors Minerva McGonagle and Severus Snape will likely be the next to pose provided negotiations are concluded to their liking. Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley is rumored to be upset over Radcliffe and Watson’s actions and said to be a holdout at this point.

Radcliffe’s publicist was unapologetic to critics who condemned the actor’s decision to appear nude onstage and in the photo spread. “This is strictly a career move for Daniel,” he said. “He’s getting older and he really doesn’t want to be trapped in the role of Harry Potter for the rest of his life. He felt that he also needed to make a statement in regard to what he feels is the rubbish of public attitudes towards nudity.”

Thus far the response from diehard fans has been overwhelmingly positive. “Things are going to be different from now on,” said 16-year-old Radcliffe fan Fawn Overheim.

Dr. James Dobson of the “Focus on the Family” Institute expressed his organization’s outrage at what they considered outright pornography. “We’ve been trying to warn people about this whole book series for years,” stated Dobson. “People should come to expect this from Satanic worship. I feel for this young man and woman who have now become ruined by this, and to say nothing of the small children that they have disappointed and influenced. It’s frightening that children will now have to consider nudity and sexuality as something healthy.”