Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe Stars in Fruit of the Loom Ad

Unconfirmed sources has received proofs from a photo shoot of Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe modeling boxers shorts for an upcoming Fruit of the Loom ad campaign. The Photo’s feature Radcliffe sporting Fruit of the Loom’s newest boxers shorts line called Comfyzz. The ads will run nationally next month in a variety of major magazines and newspapers.

Daniel Radcliffe made headlines last week when photos taken to publicize his stage role in the 2007 revival production of Equus caused a stir among many of the young star’s fans. Many called the photos ‘pornographic’ and some theater owners even threatened to boycott the next Harry Potter movie if the actor continued to participate in the stage production.

“Hey man, Daniel is not a one trick pony.” Said Radcliffe’s agent Guy Foxe. “The Harry Potter franchise is coming to an end and Daniel needs to position himself for the next phase of his career. This young man is not some wooden actor, he’s got depth, he’s got power, and he’s got diction. This is just the start for this young man. He has got a super bright future ahead of him.”

“Daniel is in that difficult phase between child star and adult super star.” Says talent scout Gloria Mendez. “It is a period in a career that can make or break a young personality. Look at Brittany Spears, she made the jump with one song and a skin tight outfit or how about Kevin Biggs. Remember Kevin Biggs? No? See what I mean. Radcliffe is a smart kid and this ad campaign and the Equss production are just what he needs to make the jump.”