Harvard Endowment To Fund John McCain School of P.O.W. Studies

(Cambridge, MA) Ucs News– Harvard University’s endowment made two major announcements today. The endowment returned an impressive 8.6% for the fiscal year ending June, a “good result considering the volatile market conditions.” The University also announced the creation of the John S. McCain school of P.O.W. studies.

Jane Mendillo, president and chief executive officer of Harvard explained the importance of the new study program dedicated to the Arizona Senator. “John McCain’s experience as a prisoner of War has informed many of his moral and political positions. This is proving to be critical to the Senator’s presidential campaign, so Harvard is looking for ways to extend this advantage to our students.”

According to Harvard’s own research, being held in captivity and tortured for years “sharpens the mind” and “imparts a special understanding to both financial and foreign policey issues.” The McCain school of P.O.W. studies will offer a 5 year curriculum. The program includes 4 years of solitary confinement with intermittent beatings, forced marching, slave labor and starvation.

Again Jane Mendillo, “We are thrilled to offer this program. We believe the experience of being a prisoner of war will give the next generation of business and political leaders the advantages they need to compete in the competitive market place of ideas.”