Hewlett Packard admits printer Ink "grossly overpriced" raises price to double Kodak

(San Francisco, California) Ucs News: Hewlett Packard, the world #1 computer printer manufacturer printer, announced a major price increase on it’s most popular ink cartridges. According to HP spokesmen Ben Lyon “Hewlett Packard seeks to maintain the top position in sales and price.”

Research has shown that HP ink effectively costs $3000 per liter, making it the most expensive liquid on earth. With the price increase it now $4500 per liter. “This increase will guarantee that Hewlett Packard will maintain it’s price leadership.” said Lyon

In regards to Kodaks price strategy. Hewlett Packard officials quickly shot back “Of course we are disappointed that Kodak would rely on anti competitive tactics such as lower prices to increase their market share.” HP has proven that despite the weakening economy the firm can continue it’s high margin high profit pricing strategy, Kodak is violating HP market principals.

Industry insiders David Green stated “The HP price increase will back Kodak into a corner, with HP leading the market, prices will have to increase across the board.” Green went on to state he expects Epson to also increase prices.