High Gas Prices Strand Shuttle Discovery in Orbit

(Low Earth Orbit) Ucs News–Nasa announced today the Space shuttle would remain docked at the International Space Station (ISS) indefinitely. According to Nasa officials high gas prices and budgets cuts have made returning to earth “impractical” until the summer driving season has concluded.

Records show that NASA’s STS-124 mission was budgeted with gas prices fixed at $2.30 per gallon. With Gasoline prices now surging to nearly $4.50 Nasa is unable to bring the shuttle home “While being responsible to the Bush administrations budget priorities.”

Discovery Astronauts are taking advantage of the delay to install a giant laboratory. The International Space Station (ISS) will get a bit bigger when astronauts add an attic to the already tour bus-sized Japanese module.

Wielding the space station’s robotic arm, astronauts will pluck a storage closet from a temporary perch and attach it to a more permanent home on the roof of Japan’s $1 billion Kibo laboratory module.

Fight director Annette Hasbrook said late Thursday at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. “The crew will be monitoring fuel prices and will return home as soon as possible.”