High School Republican Shadow Congress Votes to Impeach Bush Over Tax Hikes

Unconfirmed sources report that the High School Republicans’ Shadow Congress has voted on and approved articles of impeachment on President George W. Bush. The High School Republicans(HSR) impeached the President over a massive tax hike he signed into law when he approved the recent $69 billion tax cut for wealthy individuals. A provision in the bill will increase taxes on college funds held by 14 to 17 year olds by up to 300%.

The law would increase the tax rate on children’s assets from there own rate to the rate of there parents and is expected to strip $2.2 billion from college savings accounts over the next ten years.

“The bastard had it coming.” Says National HSR President Brendan Whitebread. “This tax hike on young peoples’ college savings is total bullshit. The fact that he is raising taxes on us so our parents can get yet another vacation home is a betrayal of conservative Republican values. I voted to impeach this bastard who vowed in 1999 to ‘veto any tax increase’. Well Mr. Bush, you are a liar and do not deserve to ohold the office of President.”

The vote to impeach the President came during the HSR’s annual Shadow Congress which is held in Washington D.C. every year. During the week long event HSR members from all fifty states come and vote on issues that face Republicans that are too young to vote, but want to express their heart felt political views. The HSR congress has been a great source of support for Mr. Bush in the past, but these recent events show there support is conditional on the President voting correctly on their issues.

“This is a very serious blow to the President and by extension the Republican dominated Congress.” Said David Brooks during a recent taping of the News Hour with Jim Leher. “This group of supporters is the future of the party and they are mad, as they should be. The President has gone back on his word not to raise taxes and has done it a group that really has no recourse but speak out publicly on the issue. This is a big mistake by the President and the Congress and one that could cost them dearly in the next election.”

While the vote to impeach the President by the High School Republicans is in no way binding it does present an ominous signal to A White House that is alienating it’s core constituents.