Highway to the Danger Zone

(Washington) On December 12, 2000, the United States Supreme Court established an elite fool from the bottom one percent as Supreme Commander. The purpose was to enrich the lost art of artificial combat and insure that a handful of men and women from the worst law schools in the nation were awarded the best jobs in the world. They succeeded. Today the Republican Party calls it Talking Points Encounter Group. The pundits call it Gop Con.

“You don’t have time to think as president… if you think, we’re all dead.”

“You can be my wingnut anytime…”
“…bullshit you can be mine.”

“Come on Mav do some of that straight-talkin’ shit…”

“Too close for waffles, I’m switching to cons!”

“I’ll have what he’s having… Budweiser, is it?”

“Any of you boys seen a beer wagon with a team of Clydesdales around here?”

“Where did you hear this?”
“Um, that’s classified…”
“It’s what?”
“It’s classified… I could tell you, but then I’d have to reveal your identity…”

“That was some of the best lying I’ve seen to date… right up to the part where you got nailed.”

“I’m gonna break high and right, maybe we won’t look so alone.”

“I’m gonna say ‘that’s the breaks’, and we’ll fly right by!”

“Sluttiest move I ever saw, Mav!”

How ya doin’?
I’m all right.
Bush is toast.
I know.
You lie long enough, something like this happens.
He was my C.I.C., my ticket.
My session we lost 8 of 18 investigations. 10 men. First one indicted you’re indicted too, but there will be others. You can count on that. You gotta let him go. You gotta let him go.

“God he loved lying with you Maverick. But he would have done it anyway… about you. You’d have hated it, but he would have done it anyway.”

“Crashed and burned, huh Maverick?”
“Hey Obama…(sniffs)
You’re tan.”