Hillary Clinton Seeks Donations to Avoid $20 Million Hostile Takeover Bid

New York, NY (Rotters) – One week after Internet search engine Yahoo began to fend off a hostile takeover bid from Microsoft, the Hillary Clinton for President campaign today announced that it would be attempting to fend off a hostile takeover bid of its own. The campaign hopes to raise over $20 million from donors by Monday to avoid possible foreclosure and reorganization.

The takeover bid arises after Hillary Clinton admitted to loaning the campaign $5 million of her own money to keep it competitive through this week’s “Super Tuesday” primaries. Clinton was able to fight only to an essential draw the better funded and surging Barack Obama campaign. The $5 million loan has now come due, and key campaign staff have agreed to work without compensation for the next month in order to keep the campaign solvent.

The hostile takeover appears to be coming from Mrs. Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton. He is rumored to be dissolving a lucrative business partnership which will net him $20 million in assets. Mr. Clinton has had numerous behind-the-scenes conflicts with his wife’s campaign staff and strategists, and Insiders ventured that the $20 million would be more than enough cash for the former president to acquire a controlling interest.

The Clinton campaign dismissed outright a rumor that they had been involved in discussions with the Mitt Romney campaign to come up with a co-operative agreement to stave off the $20 million takeover bid.