Hillary Clinton Wins Presidential Election in Parallel Universe!

Hillary Wins 2016 Election
Hillary Wins 2016 Election in Parallel Universe!

Super Collider makes Connection to Parallel Universe.

(Cern, Switzerland) Ucs News  Unconfirmed Sources report that an experiment at the Large Hadron Collider has punched a hole into a nearby parallel universe.  Initial contacts with the universe indicate that Hillary Clinton is the President there.

The connection with the Universe Beta, as Cern scientists have dubbed it, was made two days ago during a test firing of the device.  An unexpected high level discharge in the test chamber from experimental equipment merged with the collider’s regular pulse making a “super pulse.”

“The ‘super pulse’ burned right through the dimensional barrier making a connection to Universe Beta.” explained junior Cern Scientist Dr. Sam Beckett.  “The connection is tiny.  So small only radio waves can move between the universes.  We only discovered there was a hole when we detected a wifi signal coming across.”

The scientists then connected to the trans-universe signal and found that the parallel universe is largely the same as our own, except for one thing.  Hillary Clinton is the President of the United States in Universe Beta.

The connection to the parallel universe’s internet is slow, but the Cern scientists have cached for us the proof that Clinton is the President in Universe Beta.

Expect more news from our friends in Universe Beta soon.