Hillary Dumps Bill for Huckabee in Campaign Shocker


Des Moines, IA (APE) – In a shocking development this weekend, the Hillary Clinton for President campaign announced that she would be abandoning her husband on the campaign trail and replacing him with former Arkansas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. The Huckabee campaign stated that the former governor had agreed to the controversial move in an effort to emphasize a spirit of bipartisanship for his presidency. The surprise move comes on the heels of what many pundits have called a smear leveled at Huckabee by fellow Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in which he referred to Huckabee and former President Bill Clinton as “interchangeable”.

Many viewed the move by the Clinton campaign as an attempt to gracefully cut losses as her husband, former President Bill Clinton has arguably become a liability over a number of gaffes this past month. Huckabee also provides a readily available interface with religious voters, with whom the Clintons have been struggling.

The two have agreed to form a “co-presidency”, alternating leadership on a regular basis if they win.

“It’s a little sad, but it appears that the big dog just doesn’t hunt anymore. But Hillary’s still battle tested, and the only one capable of winning the general election,” stated a Clinton spokesperson. “If the vaunted Barak Obama/Ron Paul ticket should happen to surface we will still be in the best position to take it all.”

Film and television star Chuck Norris has stated that he is uncertain if this new partnership will affect his support for Huckabee. ” I hope he knows what he is doing,” stated Norris, “I sent him a pair of the Hillary nutcrackers as a Christmas present.”

A spokesperson for the Romney Campaign was reached for comment and stated simply, “Martin Luther King has just rolled over in his grave.”