Hillary Vows to Meet Obama Campaign Head On after Iowa Loss

Des Moines, Iowa (Rotters) – Displaying grace in accepting defeat last night, Democratic presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton credited the Obama campaign with a fair and clean race. Speaking to her supporters, she then insisted that this was but the first battle in a long and protracted campaign. She vowed to meet Obama as well as her co-second-place finisher Senator John Edwards head-on in New Hampshire and throughout the remaining primaries.

“We had the same numbers in money, but they had more numbers in people, and that made a difference,” stated an anonymous Clinton campaign spokesperson. “It’s been a blessing to have Chelsea on board, but who knew they could actually turn out that many young people. We’re going to be going back to the Internets in a bigger way over the next month.”

In a related development, the Clinton campaign announced that it had acquired yet another corporate donor, Miralus Healthcare, proud manufacturers of the homeopathic remedies HeadOn and ActivOn. Miralus public relations and marketing staff will also be working closely with the campaign to promote the senator’s message in a more effective way.