Historians Busy Preparing George W. Bush's Presidential Footnote

(Southern Methodist University: Ucs News) With the Presidents second term agenda wrapping up sooner than anyone expected, Presidential historians at the Southern Methodist University are already at work on the legacy of George W. Bush. According to sources inside the SMU trusties office the planned library, office and museum complex has be scaled back to a more manageable “footnote” placed on a 3 X 5 card, typed single space.

According to the former project manager for the George W. Bush Presidential library Harvey Blots, the original plans were contingent on the President being well liked, honored and respected at the conclusion of his second term. Due the weight of scandals dragging down the Presidents popularity, “It’s didn’t seem appropriate to build the monument as originally specified.”

In the end the George W. Bush’s Presidential Footnote will be closely modeled on that of Warren G. Harding. Harding generally being known as the worst President.

Keeping with the Presidents commitment environment, the planned 1,100 sq. foot office suite will be heated by burning the shredded documents already being trucked down from Washington D.C. The high capacity paper fed heating system has been undergoing tests since late 2002.

With the Southern Methodist University students and faculty violently opposed to the George W. Bush Presidential library being located on campus, the offices will be constructed at a secure but undisclosed location.

As for the small size of the George W. Bush Presidential Library, Blots stated “With the War, corruption scandals and Dick Cheney dominating the Presidents term in office there just isn’t much to build a legacy around.” Also with the Bush administrations passion for secrecy the storage requirements will be satisfied with one 4 draw file cabinet and a 256 MB memory stick.