History Channel Launches New Series : Gay Ice Road Truckers

(Wasilla,Alaska) Ucs News– With the ratings of last seasons hit U.S. television show Ice Road Truckers slumping, the History Channel is looking to spice up the offering . Since debuting in 2007, the U.S.-based History Channel series has been chronicling truck drivers hauling big industrial loads on the fragile winter ice roads of the Northwest Territories. According to the shows producer, “we need to show that homosexuals can drive big trucks on slippery ice.”

The second season, renamed the Gay Ice Road Truckers, currently airing in the U.S., follows the lives of eight gay truck drivers as they drive on the Silver River Ice Road between Bliuvik and Wasilla, Alaska. The popularity of the show has only increased with the addition of the gay characters.

The new all gay cast brought in 3.4 million more viewers in the United States than its first season and has led to hundreds of calls and e-mails to A&E Television Networks. Many people who call want hats, t-shirts and other merchandise emblazoned with Gay Ice Road Truckers logo.

Randy Grimes of the History Channel said his inbox has also been full of e-mails from Americans who dream of living the gay life of an ice road trucker. “The whole idea is that it’s so unpredictable, you never know what’s going to happen, you really are battling the elements, then the next minute you are in a knife fight with your crazy, drunk ex-boyfriend.”

It may not be family friendly but according to the shows producers “all the personalities are consenting adults and you won’t see any Certified abstinence counselors from Alaska mucking about.”