To teach, one requires a college degree and state certification. Medical doctors must accumulate six to eight years of instruction before they can put an M.D. after their name. The best qualified people to sell your home are those who took the time and effort to become Realtors but amazingly, the most important occupation in the world, that of the President of the United States, simply requires that you be born here, and nothing else! ( except the ability to raise millions of dollars).
With highly qualified political scientists, respected State Department officials and skilled foreign policy experts out there and available for the presidency, it is truly horrifying to see the dismal slate selected by the Republican party to compete for the job. Perhaps the most frightening among this bunch of clowns is Fred Thompson.

I still do not for the life of me know what prompted so many Republicans to look at Thompson as the Great Hope who would save them all (just because he’s an actor does not mean he’s Reagan, folks). Why are they not seeing him for what the rest of us see him as? A lazy, dimwitted guy who seems to confuse reality with movie plots, can’t keep his staff together, is an unimpressive speaker, lackluster fundraiser and possesses a meddling, controlling younger wife who looks like the stereotype trophy bimbo. The Great Hope he’s not. Just another member of the lackluster dwarfs that make up the GOP field. His senatorial record was pathetic, and his acting talents are mediocre when he’s at his best. He lacks any real positions, except to kiss the butts of the Christian Right.

Recently, Fred Thompson astoundingly defended his role as a Pro-Choice/Abortion Rights lobbyist by claiming that people had to separate the lawyer from the client –. Thompson wants it both ways: his claim that he could, as a Washington lobbyist, defend pro-choice/abortion rights without also advocating abortion, is the same logic used by the anti-war crowd in opposing the Iraq war, while still supporting the troops – something Thompson claims just isn’t possible… The very definition of a sleaze-ball advocate

He has a meddling, controlling younger wife who looks like the stereotype trophy bimbo (unfair or not)..His wife is YOUNGER than his daughter. I doubt he’ll ever have them both on the stage at the same time. Do we want a First Lady who’s a cross between Lady Macbeth and a Hooters girl? Marrying a blonde 24 years his junior is a bit upsetting to straight-laced right wingers. It’s just another nail in his coffin.There’s never been a president with a trophy wife, and they’re not going to elect one now.

Fred Thompson is relying on the stupidity of the GOP’s trailer-trash base. He believes that these semi-illiterates can be depended upon to select him as their candidate for the presidency.