Horton Says, "McWho?!?"

Hollywood, CA (O! Online) – Appearing at a joint press conference with Hollywood CG megastar Donkey, of Shrek fame, iconic elephant Horton today announced that he would be abandoning the Republican Party and has joined Donkey in supporting the Democratic Party, and Illinois Senator Barak Obama. Horton is using the recent release of his latest CG film, Horton Hears a Who as a platform to educate the public as to what has been described as a long history of betrayal of elephants in American society at the hands of the GOP since the animal was first tapped as a party mascot by cartoonist Thomas Nast in 1874. Horton Hears a Who debuted yesterday to gushing praise from critics and moviegoers, promising to be the top grossing film for the coming weekend.

“A voter’s a voter, there’s no caucus too small,” Horton said to reporters in attendance in regards to the positive, 50 state grassroots campaign of Obama. He went on to explain that he was most impressed by the Illinois senator’s abilities in being able to unite millions of “little persons” and get them to speak in unison in a voice that is finally being heard.

“We welcome Horton, and any other former characters or mascots to whom the positive Democratic message appeals,” stated Donkey. “We are, and always have been a big tent party. I’m married to a Dragon, and we have a dozen or so beautiful children together, and no one in the party has ever had a problem with that. United, we will eventually put an end to racism and sexism, as well as the politics of fear mongering and the status quo.”

Horton appears to be just the most recent of a growing number of loyal Republicans who seem determined to reject the party’s selected presidential candidate Arizona Senator John McCain. Chief among the concerns that these Republican voters have cited are the failed war and subsequent occupation of Iraq, an economy in the ruins of recession, an extensive history of political corruption, and an overall sense of moral bankruptcy on the part of the GOP.

“Elephants never forget,” stated aging Disney icon, and former Republican mascot Dumbo. The lovable, and traditionally silent cartoon elephant appeared embittered and eager to speak out after he was contacted for a quote. “My mom finally died a few years back, and she was destitute. She was chronically ill, and the Republican Party actively fought every attempt to introduce universal health care , which could have saved her life. To add insult to injury, she was not allowed to die with dignity, either, as our family plot in the traditional elephant dying grounds in Africa has been clear cut thanks to economic globalization under the Bush Administration.”

“Don’t get me started about what an environmental disaster globalization has been for us,” continued Dumbo. “I’m clean now, but a lot of my friends are still drinking, and nobody seems to care except Paris Hilton. I worked my ass off to get Republicans elected and I haven’t been paid since the 2004 campaigns. And now, we find out that everything’s been embezzled… elephants never forget.”

Donkey admitted to reporters that he, as well as a number of other prominent Hollywood CG Cartoon characters including longtime friend and costar, Shrek, were, in actuality, Hillary Clinton supporters, but stood by Horton in his support of Obama and the Democratic Party. “Like my pal Shreck is fond of saying, Hillary is like an onion,” Donkey waxed, “She has layers upon layers of experience. I just like her brand of politics.”

Donkey and Horton then pledged to lay aside their differences and continue with a number of Democratic GOTV appearances during the general election later this year. “He never means what he says, and never says what he means… this elephant’s lost faith in John McCain’s schemes,” concluded Horton.

A spokesperson for the Republican Presidential Election Committee confirmed that the party would indeed be dropping the elephant as official mascot. The spokesperson would not, however, confirm or deny rumors that talks were underway with former Warner Brothers legend Pep