House GOP Seeks Quick Vote on Plan to Recall John Murtha To Active Duty In Iraq

Unconfirmed sources report the GOP lawmakers are planning to recall Rep John Murtha to active duty and plan to send him to Iraq. Murtha who is a long time Marine reservist has been very critical of the Presidents handling of the war as of late and thinks the war plan needs to be changed. GOP house members have decided to give Murtha the chance to alter the Iraq war plan by sending him there.

“John Murtha has fought hard for this country and this country needs him again.” says House Speaker Dennis Hastert. “Our Iraq plan is struggling and we need his help. I believe that having John on the ground leading our troops from the front is the best way to redirect our efforts in Iraq. I expect John to serve again with the honor of his past service; any less would be the highest insult to the troops.”

“Boy am I glad we have stand up men like John Murtha.” says Vice President Dick Cheney. “He is the best kind of fighting man America has ever produced. He is unafraid even after all these years to return to active combat. I’ll tell you, you won’t catch me doing any of that stuff. I got five deferments to stay out of Vietnam and I have no intention of doing my service now.”

The Murtha law, which will reactivate John immediately and ship him off to Iraq, is expected to pass the House tonight. The Senate is expected to also pass the law and the President has vowed not deprive the Marines of “one of its finest fighters.”