House Republican Prove they are Master-Debaters :

(UCS News : Washington) Republicans House Speaker Dennis Hastert led debate on a house bill demanding US troops stay in Iraq indefinitely. The bill was passed on a 256-153 vote after nearly 14 hours of impassioned debate. The debate was very unique, due to the stipulation,the bill not be amended.

During the debate, Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert accused Democrats of “supporting the troops but not the mission.” and that “US troops will stay, fight and die until the Moslem people of Iraq are free to worship as they please.” Hastert admitted the debate was an opportunity for House Republicans to do some election year grandstanding, while ignoring critical issue facing the US.

The debate came at a time when Republicans are moving quickly to capitalize on good news and trying to force Democrats on the defensive in the wake of Zarqawi’s death and U.S. President George W. Bush’s surprise trip to Baghdad. The bills text is credited to Republican strategic mastermind. Rove’s input insured the bill contains a treasure trove of campaign sound bites, misrepresentations and fabrications.

Speaking to the Washington Press core, Rove admitted. “The bill is a deliberate attempt to blame Democrats for the threat of terror and for the Administrations failures in Iraq.” According to Rove The Bush Administrations military policy has failed so it’s time to fight terror with partisan rhetoric, it’s the only thing Republicans can do well.