House To Debate Same-Sex Marriage Amendment:

(Washinton, DC) The Republican strategy to distract the American voters from pressing issues of substance will bring the heated Gay Marriage debate to US House of Representatives. The goal of upcoming debate is a bill to amend the Constitution outlawing marriage between gays and inflict harsh penalties on those who insist on pursuing the deviant homosexual life style. The secondary goals of the legislation is to engage the Republican base while diverting national attention away from the ongoing failure in Iraq and record high gas prices.

With last weeks failure of Republican Senator Allard’s Marriage Protection Amendmen in the Senate, Rep. Marilyn Musgrave,a Republican Representative of Colorado, will put forward a bill codifying marriage between a man and a woman and outline prison sentences for those gays that can be brought to justice.

The Family Research Council, a marriage protection group has help Musgrave and other Republicans shape the debate and craft the policy of institutional discrimination. Unlike her previous attempts to define marriage in the Constitution, Ms. Musgrave’s legislation now requires a minimum prison sentence of 5 years for each “Gay” offense and outlines the legal framework that will be used to suspend the voting rights of gays.

According to Musgrave the suspension of gays voting rights is critical to insure gays and lesbians are “marginalized in our society” and to insure “Gays can’t manipulate our democratic system to protect their so-called gay civil rights.” The final text of the amendment has yet to be finalized but is guaranteed to be just as controversial as the name of Ms. Musgrave’s bill “All Gays must die.”

Speaking to her supporters Musgrave said she is following the express orders of President George W. Bush. “The President has asked congress to reaffirm the sanctity of marriage and have the courage to reinforce the values, American values that have made this nation great.” Musgrave then went on to reaffirm the great American values of discrimination and then showed the courage to do some election year gay bashing.