How Dare You Cindy Sheehan: An American's View

As a well known Right Wing Conservative pundit, I have many times in the past several weeks criticized Cindy Sheehan, the mother of slain Army Specialist Casey Sheehan for her ridiculous protest of the War in Iraq. After all, Casey Sheehan didn’t give his life to protect his mother’s right to voice her dissent to the policies of President George W. Bush and in particular his reasons for going to war. That, after all, is President Bush’s business as Commander in Chief. His job is to decide when and if we invade a country, for whatever reason he chooses; our job is to support him in that decision, not to question it. That’s what we elected him to do by an overwhelming majority and that’s what he’s doing.That’s what America is all about.

Unlike those smarmy British, we here in the United States do not have a ‘Loyal Opposition’. Those that oppose George W. Bush and the Republican Party are not loyal…they are traitors, plain and simple and should be subject to the type of punishment that traitors in a time of war deserve. Quite simply, they should be executed by firing squads, all of them.

Of course, I’m not advocating executing Cindy Sheehan or the other mothers of the gloriously slain who have joined her in that benighted and misguided protest in Crawford, Texas; I’m not a cruel man. I recognize that these poor women have simply become unhinged by their grief and hold every hope that one day, with proper medical supervision, they may become cured and once again be positive contributors to our great society.

Even if non violent protest were legal, which I don’t think it is, these terrorist loving radicals still wouldn’t have anything to protest. I mean, it’s not like the war’s going badly. Our own Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, is happy with our progress as is George W. Bush himself and as a former fighter pilot he would be in a position to know far more than we would . And if that weren’t enough, respected military tacticians such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and David Horowitz have closely analyzed the American strategy and have pronounced it not just sound, but brilliant. This from men who are not known for hyperbole or their blind support of the President. These men are thoughtful and dispassionate observers of world affairs, if sometimes a bit too Liberal for my tastes. But in this case they are spot on.

It is inconceivable to me that anyone could question America’s right to do whatever it wants in the world. In addition to being the greatest and most powerful nation on earth, we are indisputably “The Good Guys” and as such, have the moral authority to determine the course of human events. We do the right thing and this is how our own citizens repay us…with protest and treasonous disagreement. I weep for America.