How Does the US Government define a "Small Business"?

The United States Government is giving away hundreds of billions of dollars to small businesses! That’s wonderful news for the little guy, right? But which small businesses are getting the money? The ones with the money!

For example, I want to break out the violins when I read that Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation is a “Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business specializing in professional engineering services”. I can only see a poor, disabled veteran struggling to make ends meet and the helpful, friendly government helping him out with a $216 million contract! Not to mention that’s only a fraction of the $2.2 BILLION The company makes in a year! They boast of having over 200 employees! I can only imagine that disabled service guy must have the nicest wheelchair this side of Moscow! Maybe GM should be classified as a small business?

Source For Native American Products, Llc in Bumfuck, ME is a Native American maker of Men’s and Boy’s clothing. The government describes it as “native American, disadvantaged small business”. But I suspect they are keeping out the cold a little easier these days now that the government has awarded them 109 MILLION DOLLARS!!! That’s a LOT of handmade shirts and mens jewelry! I suppose we owe it to them after stealing their land and raping their women.

Kampi Components Co. sounds very funny until you realize the government has given them over 500 million bucks! They make machine guns or something that are used to kill people so I guess the government regards this as money well spent. With a name like “Kampi Components” I envision a machine gun that shoots out a flag that reads “BANG”. But they are still a small business!

Another small business with another hundred million bucks in the bank is JTSI Inc. These guys have it made! Their web site boasts, “As a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO) owned company, our Super 8(a) classification enables us to accept non-bid Department of Defense contracts with no dollar limit. Current