How to Overthrow The U.S. Government In 5 Easy Steps

There are a lot of unhappy Americans out there who would like to affect change in America, and not little changes, I mean big changes. In these times of upheaval it is sometimes difficult to figure out how you can make a difference. To help people understand how they can make a difference the publishers of Unconfirmed Sources have put together a little guide called ‘How To Overthrow the Government in 5 Easy Steps’. This guide will give you concrete things you can do to bring an end to the U.S. Government as we know it. Enjoy.

How to Overthrow The U.S. Government In 5 Easy Steps

The overthrow of a democratically elected government is really pretty easy to do in this day in age. With the power of the internet and a few brave organizers the people of a country can sweep out the old and usher in a saner form of government. All you really have to do is join a few groups, give a little money and make a few friends. It’s easy, trust me.

The 5 Steps

Overthrow the Executive branch- To do this you will need to join a larger organization that is dedicated to the subversion of the Executive branch. The Executive branch will need to be firmly in your control to get this overthrow done properly. This group will need to be large and well funded and have plenty of backers willing to do anything to gain power.

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Overthrow the Legislative Branch- To do this you will need to ally yourself with a person on the inside. This insider must be savvy and savage and be able to put the needs of himself and his allies ahead of all else. This person will need to be charismatic and have the ability to badger and threaten members of the Legislative Branch to do his will. When Your alley amasses enough power he will insulate himself from attack and then join you in your assault on the Judicial Branch.

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Overthrow the Judicial Branch- Cracking the nut of the Judicial Branch will be tough and will require the help of your Secret Ally and an intense media campaign. The media campaign will need to be a coordinated effort between your Secret Ally and an ad-hoc committee of like minded media personalities, Washington Think Tanks and religious leaders. This committee will need your money and your support.

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Get Guns- To maintain order and mop up resistance after your overthrow you are going to need guns and lots of them. I recommend you join a well regulated militia. A well regulated militia will provide access to hand guns, assault weapons, large ammo clips and a very motivated fighting force.

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Get God on Your Side- To really pull off the overthrow of the U.S. Government I recommend appealing to higher a power. Having God on your side will be invaluable to your efforts. God will lend legitimacy to your efforts in a way nothing else can. God will also provide many dedicated troops for your army.

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You’ve done it! See how easy that was. Now all you have to do is tune into your favorite Cable News Channel(We recommend FOX NEWS) and see the sparks fly. You will be able to sit back and relax knowing you too have done your part to make America, a New America, that is, great.

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