NOAA reported today that it’s only “down-looking” telescope on Hubble, …the one that looks back at the earth, not space, has gone dead.

Bertram Polke, a scientist who works with the Hubble telescope expressed disappointment.
“It’s was the only one with which we could see details back on planet earth. He said, It was so powerful that we could see ‘everything’, if you know what I mean.” winked Polke. ” On slow nights, we would bring up ‘interesting’ sights…

” It can’t be fixed, as one of the integrated circuits burned out. Man, you should see some of the stuff we downloaded! Guess we’ll just have to see boring supernovas and constellations now. It was fun while it lasted. The taxpayer’s would be pretty angry if they knew what we used their $5 million, ‘voyeur-scope’ for . Of course you won’t tell anyone what I said!”