Hummer plans to introduce a Hybrid in 2009

(Detroit) Ucs Automotive News–Hot on the heels of Toyota’s announcement that they’ll be streamlining hybrid production and offering every vehicle in its lineup with the gas-electric option, a Hummer sales exec has confirmed that beginning in mid-2009, a new hybrid H6 Half Track will be launched.

Production is expected to be around 200 per year, which is an unsubstantial sum considering that Toyota’s popular Prius sold 186,000 units across the globe in 2006. The pricing of the yet-to-be-named Hummer half track hybrid is planned to be below the current GM Yukon hybrid and styling will supposedly be heavily influenced by the Hummer Half Track concept that debuted in LA last November.

In the same Automotive News article, managing director of Hummer UK, said that production of a hybrid HUmmer is forthcoming and it won’t look anything like the H2 Hybrid concept that was unveiled in Geneva.