Hurricane Miers Batters George Bush's White House

Unconfirmed sources report that the White House has suffered considerable damage from hurricane Miers. Hurricane Miers has been stalled over Washington D.C. for over three weeks shows no sign of weakening. Experts believe she could remain troublesome for Washington for several more weeks.

Hurricane Miers surprised the nation when she appeared out of nowhere three weeks ago and has stubbornly refused to budge. The damage in Washington is mounting and the administration’s response to this disaster has been weak and rudderless. Washington insiders agree that if the President doesn’t show some real leadership in dealing with hurricane Miers soon his second term may be jeopardy.

“This has been a terrible year for Washington storms.” explains expert Wilbur Hodges of the National Weather Service. “I ‘m surprised the White House hasn’t collapsed with all the punishment it has taken. After being lashed by hurricanes Rove, Scooter, John, Frist, Dick, Michael, and Tom, the trouble over Miers just might be more that the White House can take.”

“We are going to ride out these terrible storms.” Vowed White House spokesmen Ben Lion. “The recent troubles faced by this administration will not drown our agenda as we move forward. Sure, we have had to batten down the hatches around here, but we will make it through. The people of America expect the President to weather these types of situations and he will. We are going to get through this Harriet mess and move on with leading America.”

Other experts disagree with the White House’s assessment of the situation and think there is more trouble in store for the President.

“Just because they are dealing with hurricane Miers now doesn’t mean they are through with the storms of the past.” Points out The Weather Channel’s political expert Greg Hemple. “Any one of the previous storms could come back and batter the White House again. I am especially worried about hurricanes Karl and Scooter. These storms have the potential to return and do significant damage to the White House. If I where the President I would like seriously about relocating the Oval office to a more modern structure built to withstand this type of punishment. I think the Watergate building might be just the place and I here is has some vacancies.”