Hussein Bin-Ladin Captured in Iraqistan!

Unconfirmed sources report that US Military has captured terror mastermind Hussein Bin-Ladin in his mountain hideout in Iraqistan. The capture marks the end fo a long and desperate search for the terrorist. White House officials are said to be ‘giddy’ with pleasure with the news of the capture.

“We have waited a long time for this.” Said Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. “Hussein Bin-Ladin has evaded our efforts to capture him ever since the first Iraqistan war, not to mention 911. This is a real victory for the forces of freedom that George W. Bush has put on the march.”

The capture occurred last night deep in the Northern Mountains of Iraqistan near the borders of Syria and Pakistan. The American troops led by elements of the 82nd Airborne Division raided the terror camp and did battle for several hours under severe conditions. The dedicated men and women of the American Army eventually leveled the terror camp. Hussein Bin-Ladin was found in a bomb shelter and taken into custody. No weapons of Mass destruction were found.

“It was tough battle.” Said White House spokesmen Ben Lion. “The tribal areas of Iraqistan are very mountainous and practically lawless. But our guys did the job and have brought Hussein Bin-Ladin to justice. Did we find the WMD we were looking for? No. Will we find them? Yes. This has been a good days work, Iraqistan and the World are a safer tonight.”

The President is said to be very pleased with the capture of Hussein Bin-Ladin, but reminded reporters that more evildoers are still on the loose. “There is still lots of work to do.” Said Mr. Bush. “We have elections to hold in Iraqistan and Afaq and the terrorist leader Osama Sadam to capture. The War on terror ain’t over folks and I reckon it won’t be over for some time.”

The US Military will hold Hussein Bin-Ladin in trust while the Iraqistani Provisional Authority holds an election and a Loya Gerga to decide his fate.

Meanwhile, American and Iraqistani troops are continuing to search Afaq for terrorist leader Osama Sadam.