Hybrid Vehicles Get a Free Ride

My lady and I were driving down the 405 freeway in Los Angeles last week when I noticed a Ford Fusion right behind me in the commuter lane with only the driver and no passenger.

“I hope the cops nail that guy”, I said to her.

“He’s driving a hybrid”, she told me. “Hybrids can use the commuter lane even without passengers”.

“But why?” I asked her. She simply shrugged her shoulders and said “I dunno”.

Of course, hybrids are all the rage and they are environmentally friendly and blah, blah, blah. I did a little research on the Fusion. The car gets 22 MPG on the freeway and 31 MPG in the city. My car gets 30 MPG on the freeway but only 22 MPG in the city (and that’s assuming the traffic is not too heavy). That means that it would be more environmentally correct to ban those things from the commuter lanes entirely!

I called up a local politician, who doesn’t know a thing about hybrid cars, and he explained to me that the people are being “rewarded” for being environmentally correct. I explained to him that the cars get worse fuel economy on the freeway than I do unless they use the regular traffic-clogged lanes.

“It’s an incentive to get people to buy hybrid cars”, he explained. “We want people to buy hybrid cars”.

I’m never voting for that guy again. Using the faster commuter lane defeats the purpose of the hybrid vehicle!

Personally, if I was a lawmaker, I would make it illegal for hybrids to even be on the freeway. Let them take the side streets and revel in their precious “environmentally correct” cars.