I. Lewis Libby Email To George W. Bush Leaked

To: President George W. Bush
The Oval Office
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC

From: I. Lewis Libby

Dear Mr. President

I want to beg your pardon for taking up your time when I know you’re so busy, but it has always been my deep conviction that you are a fair and patient man, one who has always let me feel free to express my thoughts. And while I know you’re dealing with all sorts of problems and crisis’s, I hope you’ll be able to give me a moment of your time.

I have repeatedly said that I would never knowingly reveal any secrets that would harm our government or it’s people . I can tell you this with complete confidence, no matter what the Fitzgerald prosecution and the jury at my trial said. I feel like the jury didn’t understand that. I was terribly disappointed by their verdict, but it’s like I was once told by Dick Cheney, it’s hard to keep focused when everyone is saying you’re wrong. If they knew the whole story, I’m sure they’d be solidly behind us and what we’re trying to do, but of course we can’t divulge all of our strategies to the public, as our enemies would hear of them as well. That is why being convicted in the scandal over Valerie Plame’s identity is so ironic.

I hope you can see the irony as well. All told however, I am proud of the work both me and my team has done for our country. And while I was always very busy with a to do list that ran to pages and pages, it was still such an exciting time in my life; I miss it too. Now, except for working on my appeal, I have nothing to occupy my time; I even asked my wife to get me a photo album so I could start a scrap book, just for something to do. I’d love to get out of this house, but there are so many reporters always hanging around that I can’t. Boy, you sure would be surprised at the things they’ll do to get a picture. Last night, I awoke from a deep sleep with a jerk; there was a photographer actually staring in my bedroom window.

Oh, well…I guess it’s a sink or swim world. Maybe one day we’ll all be able to look to look back on this and laugh. Even though I can’t go to the store or for a walk without being mobbed by the press, which has turned my home into a prison, at least my wife and I are together. I made a promise to both her and myself, that I’ll keep fighting to clear myself as long as I have a breath in my body, but until then I have my pictures to paste in my scrapbook, and we rent a lot of videos too.

I hope this little note finds you and Laura well. Maybe one day we’ll get to see each other again and under better circumstances.

Love, Scooter.

PS…I’m sorry about the quality of this email, but my computer seems to have some sort of glitch with the bold key.