Why CNN continues to employ Lou Dobbs is amazing.
This ranting white supremacist not only makes up convenient ‘facts’ on the go, but immediately and sarcastically interrupts his guest in mid-sentence, should the guest attempt to dispute Dobbs, or offer a dissenting opinion.

Presiding over the recurring segment “Broken Borders” (cue night-vision footage of Mexicans climbing over and under fences, crossing ravines, running in a crouch), Dobbs has been the chief architect in constructing the ominous, dystopian specter of illegal immigration as home invasion on an epic scale, tracking crime, disease, and rampant illiteracy across our clean floors. For a dark cloud auguring thunder, Dobbs maintains quite a sunny disposition. He can demagogue an issue without coming across as a demagogue, a pretty neat trick. Or perhaps no trick at all, simply a gift of temperament.The secret to Dobbs’s fascinating influence is that he never reaches volcanic boil and squanders his rhetorical force. His frustration with the latest lunkhead decision out of Washington is seldom flung at the viewer with loose gobs of emotive rhetoric but is delivered like a C.E.O. memo and thumbtacked with a tidy variety of grimaces, clucks, rueful shakes of the head, exasperated sighs, and ironic codas, enabling him to avoid the burnout fatigue of constant umbrage.

Many compare Dobbs with fellow fabricator, Glenn Beck, but there is a qualitative world of difference divides Dobbs and Beck. Dobbs is a major-league pro, Beck a minor-league putz. But both are defending the Alamo against intruders and internal dissidents based on the premise that the core identity of this country is white-educated-heterosexual-male, (Dobb’s wife is Mexican!). and everybody else has to pass muster. It’s amazing how the network- and cable-news media still operate as if there were a scarcity of blacks, gays, Hispanics, Asians, Arab-Americans, Buddhists, and bionic hybrids capable of cracking the closed shop of high-stakes social-policy discourse. White guys monopolize the on-air.

Lou Dobbs is breaking new ground in the paranoid, anti-competitive spin news area. Watch for more of these kinds of guys popping up on TV and Talk radio before the 2008 elections!
Why CNN chooses to give this guy a podium for thinly veiled xenophobia and racism is beyond me. I guess the mantra is “whatever sells”. The sooner people tune out this despicable blowhard the better.