"I thought she was a quail!" > Cheney

CHEYENNE, WY– ” I said I’m sorry! I thought she was a bird.” said a contrite Cheney, as paramedics worked in vain to revive House Speaker Nancy Polosi following Cheney’s second hunting mishap.

The trip turned into a tragedy as Cheney fired his shotgun in her direction. “I heard a whirr and thought it was a bird.” said Cheney.
Almost exactly a year ago, Cheney wounded Harry Whittington, a 78-year-old Austin lawyer while on a similiar quail hunting trip.

Dan Dyers of the Wyoming Game Commission said there won’t be any charges. ” Just another hunting accident; we get them all the time here.”

Polosi had accepted Cheney’s invitation to accompany him on
a quail hunting trip in his home state;”I was very surprised that he invited me along, as I am not a hunter, but I’ll take my camera for some wildlife photos.” she said.

Senator John Murtha, who also received an invitation to accompany Cheney on the hunting trip was unable to accept due
to other commitments.

President Bush, upon hearing of the tragedy, ordered all official flags to be flown at half-mast.” We have lost a great American woman. A formal State funeral will be held.” said the President, “I’ve dispatched Air Force One to fly Cheney back here where the delicate balance of Democrats and Republicans might need his determining vote to regain the House
for Republicans.”

Upset Congressional Democrats are preparing a non-binding
request to be sent to the Vice President asking that he be more careful during upcoming hunting trips.

( Yes….this IS SATIRE!!!)