Your prescription pills cost three cents each to make. You pay two dollars each, while pharmaceutical pill-pusher company executives get multi-million dollar bonuses, private corporate jets and a chauffeured Ferrari. Be thankful. You have Unconfirmed Sources fighting back!


f your ill, if your ill, take a pill, take a pill
If it’s flaccid or acid, Itchy or twitchy
Take a pill, take a pill, take a pill

TV is right, take a pill every night
For worms under toenails
Or rotting entrails,
Take a pill, take a pill, take a pill

Excessive farting, armpits smarting?
Take a pill, take a pill, take a pill.
The pill must be purple, not red or white
For the rest of your life, take a pill every night

For your heart, for your liver
For your spleen, for your sight
Merck’s phony doctor says
“Take three every night!”

Don’t read the fine print
It says you might die
Take a pill every night
And NEVER ask why!

The prices are high,
they cost nothing to make
They were called… years ago
The oil of the snake
And still, to this day…
They’re usually fake

They roll out a pill
which cures all..it claims
But there’s now a big problem..
They’ve run out of names!

They invent a disease
called ‘hyena breath’
if you don’t pop their capsule
you’re doomed to slow death!