Immigration Bill : Includes earmark for wall around Iowa

(Washington : Ucs News) The immigration reform bill Congress tabled last week may be back on the senate floor for debate as early as Wednesday. In a deal made with conservative house Republicans, the new bill contains 4.4 billion dollars to fund the design and construction of a 20 foot wall completely encircling the state of Iowa.

Once thought dead on arrival in congress, the legislation now supported buy a bi-partisan effort in the Senate. About 20 Republicans are being urged to change their mind and vote yes. The Iowa wall was added to the bill in effort to swing midwestern votes. Construction of the Iowa will be a boon for surrounding states, creating hundreds if not thousands of construction jobs.

The new plan for the Iowa is being worked out by Senate leaders will allow both sides to offer a limited number of amendments – with both sides promising to avoid motions whose only purpose would be to “torpedo” the walls construction.

Now, with the urging of President Bush who wants the Iowa wall built, the Senate will again grapple with this deeply divisive issue.

Opinions in Iowa are mixed, many see the wall as a necessity to preserve low paying seasonal farming jobs for Americans, while an equal number consider the project election year pandering that will leave the state surrounded by a useless and hugely expensive eyesore.