In A Bi-Partisan Gesture, Dick Cheney Invites Democrats To A Weekend In Texas

February 13, 2006

The White House, reeling from defections within it’s own Republican ranks, appears to making an attempt to repair the damage caused between the two major parties during the last four and a half years; the hope is that with some Democratic support several of President George W. Bush’s initiatives for 2006 may be able to pass through Congress this session. In the spirit of furthering bi-partisan relations, Vice President Dick (Dick) Cheney has invited several key Democrats to spend a weekend with him at a ranch owned by Kathleen Armstrong, good friend of Mr. Cheney’s.

This particular gesture is startling on several levels: first and foremost, it is surprising that as the Administration’s ideological attack dog, the Vice President was the one to issue the invitation. Secondly, despite the fact that Republicans have been madly distancing themselves from Washington lobbyists and PACs, the trip to Texas is to be sponsored by the National Rifle Association (NRA). Lastly, no Republicans other than the Vice President himself and two Secret Service agents with a backhoe seem to be on the guest list.

Unnamed White House Source Wegman (Pudgy) Waterhouse, speaking on the condition of anonymity said, “It’ll be fun. Everybody is always bitching and moaning about how we never consult with Democrats, never invite them to our parties and such