Insurgency Ends as Iraqis Vote On Constitution

Unconfirmed sources report that the Iraqi insurgency has ended. With voting on the new constitution nearly complete the nation of Iraqi is quiet tonight. Various Iraqi insurgent groups have announced an end to hostilities and are encouraging their members to participate in the referendum and abide buy it’s results. Leaders in Washington and Baghdad are jubilant and looking forward to a peaceful national reconciliation in Iraq.

Our sources indicate that there has been no political violence surrounding the vote and that voter turn out has been amazing.

Much of the credit for the peaceful voting belongs to the President as millions of Iraqi’s tuned in to his recent ‘chat’ with American troops. After the telecast Iraqis realized that all the Americans want is a peaceful, strong and free Iraq. While there has been criticism of the event in the Western media, the Arab press is calling the telecast ground breaking and a real step towards peace.

The event was greeted with such warmth by the Arab people White House officials quickly set up another Presidential ‘chat’, but this time with former Iraqi insurgents. The President spoke with insurgents about the referendum and asked them about conditions on the front.

“This is a wonderful day for democracy.” Said the President as he spoke with the group of Iraqi insurgents during the broadcast. “I’m so glad that you men have decided that is was futile to fight the forces of democracy and have decided to join us in building a new America-friendly Iraq. I promise that if you all let us pumps lots of oil we will leave you alone. I sure hope all this fighting hasn’t ruined our chances at being good friends. I would like to have you over to the ranch for a pig roast.”

“Praise be to Allah, I have seen the light.” Answered one of the insurgents. “I was fighting you Mr. Bush, but now I see the error of my ways. Things have been tough, but now that we are allies I’m sure that everything will be much better. I hope to come visit you very soon.”

The free and unscripted talk proved that the President had made a close connection with his former enemies and mended quite a few fences. The event was carried live by the Arab media and the response from the entire Arab was world has been very positive. The President even managed to convert a few skeptics with his frank and open dialogue.

“Iraqis are filling the street and there is an amazingly festive atmosphere.” Say Middle East Expert Juan Cole, writer of the very insightful blog Informed Comment. “I have to say that President Bush and his minions have surprised me again. I just wouldn’t have believed that he could have united the Iraqis in this cause so completely. I was a skeptic. I believed that violence would surround this vote and that the results, which ever they went, would only lead to more blood shed. I was wrong, again, and Mr. Bush has proven once more that he is an astute world statesmen and leader of all peoples.”
The constitution is expected to be passed by a wide margin and American troops are scheduled to begin retuning home in just a few weeks.