Investigation to look at financial dealings of TV evangelists

The top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee says he has launched an investigation into alleged financial wrongdoing involving some prominent televangelists.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley has sent letters requesting information from the ministries of Randy and Paula White, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar and Bishop Eddie Long.

His letter seeks information about their ministries’ expenses, executive compensation and amenities given to executives.

In a statement, Grassley says he’s concerned about allegations that the ministries’ governing boards are not independent and may be approving lavish lifestyles.

The audiences of these ‘telemerceneries’ are strongly urged every five minutes or so, to send contributions for various causes: buildings in progress, tracts, prayers, vague missionary activities… one even telling his rapt followers that a contribution will bring the sender great wealth.

Benny Hinn who looks like a sleazy used car salesman with a strange accent, has an interesting way to impress his TV viewers and rake in the money. Called up,during his program, are people with incurable diseases, and other maladies. Hinn pops them on the head, calls in a loud, threatening voice “Jesus, make this blind man see”, and as the music rises, and the choir sings, the man dramatically throws his dark glasses in the air, shouting, “Thank you dear brother Hinn, I CAN SEE AGAIN”!
…and gosh! It brings in big bucks!

The gullible send in cash make the telemerceneries filthy rich. Their churches are tax exempt. Those who donate to what they think are good causes, would be aghast at the incredible life style they support among these TV preachers…. Bejeweled wives, million dollar mansions, fleets of luxury cars and planes.

Senator Grassley unfortunately won’t get anywhere. The telemercenaries have highly-paid lobbyists and friends among the religious right who will put a stop to the investigation..

Yes, tell them out there that you have a pipeline to Jesus….and the cash flows in. What a wonderful, effortless way to become a millionaire!