iPhone Hacker Hotz Taken from Dormitory by ATT Security

Rochester, NJ (UPSI) – In a raid early this morning entering freshmen and famous iPhone hacker George Hotz was taken into custody by AT&T security from his dorm room at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Sources close to Hotz also stated that 3 8GB iPhones and a Nissan 350Z sports car were seized in the raid.

“I always thought the stories about “Phone Cops” were just an urban legend,” stated Hotz’ roommate who wished to remain anonymous. “These guys were large and in charge.”

An AT&T spokesperson commended security personnel for a smooth and seamless operation and stated that they would be visiting the parents of Mr. Hotz later in the day. “Naturally we cannot release any details at this point,” stated the AT&T spokesperson, “particularly in a case involving issues of national security. We have been working closely with the Justice Department and have strong evidence that three modified iPhones were on their way to Russia and into the hands of terrorists.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Justice stated that there was indeed a close relationship with AT&T as well as other telephone service providers through any of a number of warrantless wiretap programs underway, but couldn’t recall any further specifics. He also confirmed that AT&T security had been duly deputized to proceed on it’s own authority secondary to domestic law enforcement shortages nationwide.

“Everything has changed since 9/11,” stated the Justice Department spokesperson, “and the American public needs to be aware of the ways in which terrorists will try to attack our country. Anything that affects the profits of a major American company affects us all.”

Hotz is reportedly being detained in an undisclosed location according to AT&T security officials. “AT&T wants to assure the public that Mr. Hotz is accorded all the rights guaranteed him under his status as an enemy combatant. A representative of the American Psychological Association is present during all interrogations.”

A call to Hotz’ parents at their home went unanswered.