iphone iPfreaks already lined up for new 3G iphone weeks ahead of launch.

(New York) Ucs News– The anticipation is building for technology lovers everywhere. Apple’s new 3G iPhone will hit the stores July 11th. the upgraded iphone will be faster version of the current I-pod, cell phone, GPS unit, camera and Internet device.

Dedicated Customers started camping out early this morning at this AT&T store on Wrightsboro Road hoping to be the first to get their hands on the new 3G iPhone when it is released in 3 weeks. Apple and AT & T call the 3-in-1 iPod, wireless phone and internet in the palm of your hand the “reinvention of the phone. “Just to be able to access anything I want when I want while I’m on the run,” says one customer.

“It’s very important to me to be able to communicate all over the world through emails you know I’m always on the go,” says another customer. You can also check your voicemail, send photos and get driving directions but some customers say getting to watch their favorite movies was the draw.

“You get bored at the airport or something and you can play around with it a little bit instead of pulling out the laptop,” says a customer.