iPod Touch Hacked Within Hours of Release

Rochester, NJ (UPSI) – Rochester Institute of technology freshman George Hotz, who last month successfully hacked Apple’s iPhone, today announced that he had successfully hacked and produced a dial tone on Apple’s newly announced iPod Touch. Utilizing a combination of a SIM chip and software, Hotz claims that he has been able to access phone services through all major US wireless carriers.

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs had earlier unveiled the new device in San Francisco, announcing that there would be an 8 GB version for $299 as well as a 16 GB version for $399. The music player is reportedly the first of its kind to allow web browsing and music download access through WiFi.

“I call it the iPod Touchtone. I just modified the device and included the SIM chip to show people that it could be done,” stated Hotz from his dorm room in Rochester. “This is just for people who still like playing by the rules… in actuality, with this hack, the SIM chip is excess baggage. With WiFi access, and a Skype account, it’s all free and you don’t need a wireless provider at all.”

Apple had earlier announced that it was going to be discontinuing its 4 GB version of the iPhone due to lackluster sales, and had marked the phones down to $199 nationwide. By the end of the day, supplies of the model had disappeared from shelves into the hands of consumers hoping to convert them to iPod Touchtones.