Iran Hostages again!: Alberto's hangs on with white knuckles : Bush Vetos Peace : Tony Snow is an…

George W. Bush : Trending Down
Now has to Veto his own war.
How did it come to this?

Iran Hostages again! : Trending Down
Hostages again? How 1979 of you.
Like we needed another reason to bomb you!

Alberto Gonzales : Trending Down
Still falling are we at the bottom yet?
Hang on Gonzo, just hope George W. Doesn’t let go

Condoleezza Rice: Trending Up
Middle East peace?
Not really your style but let’s try it.

Nancy Pelosi : Trending Up
A speaker now Speaking the will of the people.
Is Democracy really back?

Tony Snow: Trending Down
The sick bastard really is sick…Sorry Tony.
Please don’t waste your life taking body blows for the President
Get well soon.