Iranian President Apprehended in Massive Iraqi/American Combined Raid in Baghdad

Baghdad, Iraq (APE) – Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was taken into American custody after a raid yesterday on an Iraqi government minister’s compound in Baghdad. The raid was a smaller part of an overall larger operation conducted by a combined task force comprised of both Iraqis and Americans. The operation, dubbed “nuclear file” also resulted in the deaths of 300 Sunni insurgents determined to attack the holy city of Najaf.

Iran has protested the detention of Ahmadinejad, insisting that the president was visiting in a strictly diplomatic sense, exploring the possibility of increased assistance to Iraq in regards to its economic infrastructure and security. Iran is reportedly proposing opening a branch of the Iranian national Bank in Baghdad, and funding a number of reparation projects nationwide.

American military authorities refused to divulge the exact whereabouts of the Iranian president, but stated that he was currently undergoing interrogation.

US State Department officials released a statement claiming that Ahmadinejad would likely be held indefinitely as questioning continues. They further went on to claim that the Iranian president was, in actuality, involved in a centrifuge for anti-tank missile deal with rogue Shia elements of the Iraqi government. The proposed deal would involve trading sophisticated centrifuges from Saddam’s previous nuclear program which had been successfully hidden away during the search for weapons of mass destruction for Iranian Soviet built anti-tank weapons.

“Economic and political cooperation is not the answer to Iraq,” stated a White House spokesperson. “America has been down that road before and this is just further evidence of the correctness of the president’s military final solution for the middle east.”